Sunday, August 20, 2017

  “Shamrock Cafe” Piazza Doro Coffee; 

.....There is no doubt

"Coffee with friends, makes the perfect blend!"


Piazza Doro Coffee with a sustainable Terroso blend.

A richly intense aroma with low acid, hints of aromatic wood and an earthiness with a sweetly balanced finish in milk.


All our staff have attained a certificate as Coffee Barrister's, however your coffee is not charged out in the same manner as the legal fraternity choose to! 

Small $3.50   Medium $3.80   Large $4.20

This morning I enjoyed a wonderful Latte with a nice chocolate 'Shamrock' on the top, delicious!

You can even delight in a 'Take Away' Coffee for a safer journey!



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Humidity: 51%
Wind: W at 11.27 km/h
Monday 0°C / 8°C Cloudy
Tuesday 0°C / 14°C Mostly sunny
Wednesday 0°C / 11°C Mostly sunny
Thursday 2°C / 10°C Partly cloudy
Friday -1°C / 12°C Sunny

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